Bothell Child Injury Lawyer

If your child suffered a severe injury, you are probably upset. You want to ensure they get the best possible care to heal quickly. You might also be frightened and worried about their future and confused about what you can do to help. If someone else did something that caused your child’s injury, you might be able to take legal action.

A Bothell child injury lawyer could investigate an accident to see if someone else is responsible. If another person was to blame, your family might be eligible to pursue financial compensation. A personal injury attorney is ready to help you file a claim.

Common Causes of Child Injuries

Although children can hurt themselves in many ways, they most commonly suffer injuries in the following manners:

A seasoned team of attorneys in Bothell has handled all types of child injury cases. They could consult with a family to learn more about the details of the harm. They could answer a family’s questions and discuss their legal options to help them decide what to do next.

Potential Defendants in a Child Injury Legal Claim

Anyone who does something that contributes to a child’s injury could be legally responsible for the harm they caused.

Child’s Caretaker

When people drop their children off at daycare or put them on the school bus, they expect that a responsible adult will care for them and keep them safe. Caretakers need to ensure the spaces where they have children are safe. For instance, they need to install safety gates on staircases so kids cannot fall. Caretakers also need to supervise children, so they do not injure themselves.

The Driver of a Car

If a child suffers an injury in an automobile crash, the family could pursue a claim against an at-fault driver.

Owner of the House or Property Where the Injury Occurred

Under local premises liability laws, property owners, business owners, managers, and caretakers are responsible for confirming their properties are reasonably safe for visitors, guests, clients, and customers. Landowners do not usually have to look out for the safety of trespassers. However, when the trespasser is a child, different rules apply. If the property has something on it that could entice a child, such as an uncovered swimming pool or trampoline, and a child gets hurt because of that attraction, the landowner could be legally responsible for the harm.

Product Manufacturers

Companies need to design and produce safe products. If a child sustains an injury from using a dangerous product, its manufacturer might be liable.

A skilled lawyer in Bothell could investigate an accident to learn how the child suffered harm. They could examine all relevant evidence to identify who is legally responsible.

Get Help from a Bothell Child Injury Attorney

Kids will be kids. They often get into trouble because they do not always understand what they are doing. They often cannot grasp the seriousness of the potential consequences of their actions. As a result, adults need to keep them safe. Children can suffer injuries when adults are careless, negligent, or reckless. Sometimes those injuries can alter the course of their futures. The person to blame for causing the injuries should take responsibility for their actions.

If someone else hurt your child through their negligent actions, a diligent Bothell child injury lawyer could work tirelessly to hold them accountable for their wrongful actions. Call today to get help.