Anchorage Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

There are few injuries more frightening and potentially debilitating than head and brain injuries. People who have sustained a serious blow to the head as a result of serious car accident or other incident should seek immediate medical attention and contact an experienced catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible.

To pursue compensation, a skilled Anchorage traumatic brain injury lawyer could help prepare your case and determine which party was negligent in their duty to keep you safe from harm.

The Nature of Traumatic Brain Injury

When the brain suffers a severe trauma due to an accident, the resulting traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have serious ramifications on that person’s life, since normal functionality of the brain is disrupted. A hard blow to the skull, penetrating injury, or sudden stops can all lead to a TBI. The brain is sheltered by the skull, but serious accidents can damage the skull as well.

Proving negligence in a traumatic brain injury case requires proof that the defendant breached some duty of care, and that the breach is what caused the trauma. A TBI lawyer in Anchorage could help a person prove negligence in order to increase the odds of successfully pursuing a claim.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Serious accidents are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury in most situations. Frequent examples include:

Any of these situations can lead to TBI like a concussion, closed head injury, skull fracture, or contusions.

Potential Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

People who have sustained a serious blow to the head often do not recognize the severity of their injuries. They might not realize until weeks or months have passed that they have sustained an injury. Some common symptoms that might indicate a potential TBI include:

  • Loss of cognitive function
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Mood changes
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sleep problems and anxiety
  • Speech and memory problems
  • Blurred vision

A brain injury is a difficult injury to suffer through since it impacts a person on so many levels. If an individual has sustained a brain injury through someone else’s negligence, they should contact an Anchorage traumatic brain injury lawyer to learn what their next steps should be.

Statute of Limitations: Filing in Time

A two-year time frame is set on personal injury cases pursuant to Alaska Statutes § 09.10.070. This requires that cases for traumatic brain injury based on negligence to be filed within two years of the date that the accident happened. If the injured party fails to file the lawsuit within two years of the date of accident, the case will be permanently barred.

Because many people do not know they suffered a serious TBI for some time, this statute of limitations can be even more of a concern. Anyone who suffered a blow to the head should seek medical attention immediately and ask for tests to determine if the damage is more serious. The earlier that someone knows they have a brain injury, the better their lawyer could prepare for a potential lawsuit,

Seek Guidance from an Anchorage Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

The hazards of a traumatic brain injury to the physical and financial health of an injured person and their family are extreme. The law allows you to seek recourse by holding the liable party accountable for the monetary losses you suffered and are presumed to suffer in the future. Contact an Anchorage traumatic brain injury lawyer to learn more about what is possible in your case and what you need to do in order to begin the healing process.