Anchorage Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners have a duty to properly operate, supervise, and maintain their property to prevent unnecessary risk of harm to others. If you have been injured due to a property owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation through a premises liability claim, which is a type of personal injury claim.

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What Types of Dangerous Property Conditions Caused Your Accident?

We represent clients in a wide range of premises liability claims, including:

  • Slip-and-falls
  • Stairwell falls
  • Injuries from falling objects
  • Injuries from collapsed decks and structures
  • Injuries from building code violations
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Injuries from fires, explosions, or electrocution
  • Injuries caused by negligent security at bars, concerts, or events
  • Other accidents caused by dangerous property conditions

Proving Liability in Premises Claims

People who are injured in premises cases sustain serious injuries, including back and neck injuries, broken bones, head trauma, or spinal cord damage. In the most severe accidents, people may sustain fatal injuries. Other property accidents, such as swimming pool accidents and falling objects, are also likely to cause serious injuries to the victims.

At Libbey Law Offices, we care deeply about our clients and work hard to seek the full compensation to which they are entitled. We vigorously pursue full compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other forms of available relief. We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees to us unless we obtain compensation for you.

Vigorous Representation

For a plaintiff to prevail in a premises liability claim, he or she must prove that the property owner was negligent. To do so, the plaintiff must establish evidence that the property owner failed to exercise reasonable caution for the safety of others.

Our attorneys have more than 35 years of combined legal experience and have recovered millions on behalf of accident victims. We know how to build strong cases for our clients, and we will take the time to gather evidence that is critical to the effective prosecution of personal injury claims.

In a premises liability claim, there are a number of issues that we may consider:

  • If you were injured in a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident, did the property owner fail to take adequate steps to mitigate the risk created by a slippery floor, uneven concrete, uncovered holes in a parking lot, objects on the ground that posed a tripping hazard, or other property hazards?
  • If you or a loved one was injured at a bar or concert, did the owner of the establishment fail to take adequate safety measures, including the retention of a sufficient number of security guards or personnel?
  • If you were injured in a fire at a hotel, restaurant, or other commercial property, did the owner fail to install or properly maintain fire alarms that could have warned patrons of a fire?
  • If you were injured in another type of property accident, did the property owner fail to take adequate measures to prevent a known or reasonably foreseeable risk of harm to others?

By asking these and other questions, we build strong cases for our clients.

Find Your Advocate with an Anchorage Premises Liability Attorney

If you need assistance in filing your claim and making your case for damages, reach out to an Anchorage premises liability lawyer as soon as possible.