Anchorage Dog Bite Lawyer

Many people think of dog bites as something minor, but if an animal causes an injury, the results could be serious. Even if the wound itself is not particularly severe, it might cause other issues if it is not properly treated.

If you were attacked by an animal, you might qualify for compensation if you file a personal injury claim with the help of a skilled attorney. Speaking with an Anchorage dog bite lawyer right away could ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

The Aftermath of Animal Attacks

Getting hurt by a dog could have long-term effects on a person, both physically and mentally. People of certain ages might be more susceptible to health issues canine bites could cause, including children and elderly adults. Call an Anchorage dog bite attorney following an animal attack right away.

Effects on Children

Because children are closer to the height of most dogs, they are easier to injure. Even a seemingly minor attack could cause catastrophic harm if a child is involved. Children are susceptible to getting mauled because they might not understand the boundaries or warning signs an animal has if getting ready to attack. A kid’s recovery also might take longer than that of an adult and they may develop a fear of animals that lasts their whole life.

Effects on Elderly Adults

A strong enough bite could cause nerve damage in an older adult. If the dog attack causes an elderly person to fall, their bones might break. Older cells in the body take longer to regenerate, so injuries in older people usually take more time to heal.

Although specific demographics may be more at risk, people of all ages could get seriously hurt by an attack like this. If a person gets hurt, they should get medical care immediately and then contact an Anchorage attorney knowledgeable in cases where someone gets bitten by a dog. If a wound from a canine does not get adequately treated, it could lead to issues like sepsis, tetanus, blood poisoning, rabies, and infections.

Dog Bite Laws in Anchorage

If someone gets bitten, pet owners could be liable if they know that their pet is dangerous but made no effort to prevent the incident. Even if the animal does not have a history of being aggressive, if the owner has reason to suspect the canine might attack, they must restrain it while others are around.

Third parties, such as landlords or property managers, could be accountable for dog bites if they failed to take protective measures while knowing an aggressive animal was on their premises before the attack happened. An Anchorage lawyer familiar with aggressive canine cases could help determine who is responsible for a plaintiff’s injuries.

Compensation Awarded for Canine Attacks

If a plaintiff decides to file a lawsuit, they could work with an accomplished canine attack attorney to pursue maximum compensation in Anchorage. The amount a court awards could cover expenses like:

An Anchorage dog bite attorney could gauge what compensation is fair to pursue depending on the plaintiff’s damages. Occasionally, dog bites result in fatality, qualifying the decedent’s surviving family members to potentially file a wrongful death claim.

Time Limits on Compensation

The statute of limitations places a two-year time limit for injury claims and wrongful death claims. If a person does not file a case before the two-year deadline, they will not receive compensation for their injuries. Contacting a legal professional to help ensure a claim is filed in timely manner is extremely important for the injured party.

Contact an Anchorage Dog Bite Attorney Today

If someone else’s pet bit you or someone you know, taking immediate action could make the difference in your case. After seeking medical attention, book a legal consultation with an Anchorage dog bite lawyer at our office.

A caring legal team is eager to review your options with you, and if there are grounds for a lawsuit, they could help you get compensated for your harms and losses. Call today to learn more about your options.