Anchorage Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Most people who operate a motorcycle will do so while taking every possible precaution. Watching for debris, wearing a helmet, and following traffic laws are often second-nature for most riders. Unfortunately, a motorcyclist can do everything right and still be injured on the roadways because of the negligence of fellow travelers. If you have been hurt or injured while riding a motorcycle, you should consult immediately with an Anchorage motorcycle accident lawyer.

Hiring a seasoned personal injury lawyer could give your case an edge toward the best possible outcome. A lawyer who knows how to acquire police reports, speak with insurance companies, investigate and reconstruct the scene of the crash, and file lawsuits could be your guide through the entire process.

Motorcycle Injuries

Injuries in motorcycle accidents have the potential to be even more severe than those suffered by other motorists due to the lack of protection. In the best-case scenario, the rider may sustain scrapes and bruises; but in the worst cases, a person could lose their life. Some of the most common motorcycle injury cases include:

These accidents usually happen when the motorcycle strikes a car, truck, or other large vehicle, and the sheer size difference has a major effect on the outcome. A rider’s injuries may cause significant changes to their quality of life going forward, so the damages sought in the case should take this long-term thinking into account.

Damages and Comparative Fault

In a personal injury case, the plaintiff can still be awarded compensation even if they were partially at fault. For example, if the person bringing the case was riding without a helmet, but a trucker was driving recklessly, the motorcyclist might be found partially at fault for their injuries. If the rider would originally have been awarded $10,000, but they are found 20 percent at fault, they would be awarded 20 percent less money, or $8,000, in this example. The amount of fault, if any, for a plaintiff will determine the amount of compensation they can be awarded.

Damages refers to the losses that can be compensated for in a lawsuit. The types of compensation that an Anchorage motorbike crash lawyer could seek are for economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include wages that were missed from work, medical bill reimbursement, medical equipment expenses, future medical treatment needs, and other measurable costs of the accident. Non-economic damages include monetary compensation for pain and suffering in performing daily activities, emotional distress, and compensation for a loss of enjoyment of life or loss of a limb, among many others.

Call an Anchorage Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Help

An Anchorage motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial to the outcome of your case. You may be dealing with recovery from your injury or the loss of a loved one, and it is helpful to have someone experienced in negotiation and settlement on your side. A qualified attorney could work with the other party’s representation, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight your case in court, if necessary.

A lawyer can be your resource for the entire legal process, as they have valuable experience that informs how you should move forward. The likelihood of winning your case increases greatly with one on your side. Do not wait – reach out today and call for a private consultation.