Bothell Burn Injury Lawyer

Severe burns are among the most painful and life-altering injuries a person can face. The physical and psychological effects can change your life and future.

If you suffered burn injuries because of another party’s negligence, you could be eligible to collect significant compensation. Call a Bothell burn injury lawyer to schedule a consultation if you need help holding a negligent party accountable. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney is ready to support you through a claim.

Common Types of Burn Injuries

Thermal burns resulting from flames, hot surfaces, and steam are the most typical burn injuries. Some other common burns include:

  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Ultraviolet or UV light burns
  • Friction burns
  • Radiation burn injuries

Electric shock is the second most common cause of severe burns, followed by chemical burns. Chemical burns can cause severe tissue damage after the skin comes in contact with a strong acid, such as cleaning solvents. A lawyer in Bothell could complete a thorough investigation of a burn accident to collect the evidence needed to establish liability.

Burn Injury Severity

Burns will fall within three primary categories depending on the extent of tissue damage. The type of damage sustained will affect the burn injury claim an individual and their attorney in Bothell could pursue.

First-Degree Burns

A first-degree burn is minor and only affects the outermost layer of skin. The area of the wound will be red, and it will likely cause some pain. After suffering this type of injury, people can treat them at home with cool water and ointment such as petroleum jelly.

Second-Degree Burns

Second-degree burns damage the outer layer of skin and the second layer of skin, called the dermis. Individuals can usually treat these burns at home with cool water and ice and apply ointment several times a day. However, if a person suffers second-degree burns to over 50 percent of their body, they should seek medical care.

Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns could cause severe tissue damage to both layers of skin and the fat layer beneath the skin. The wounds may reach the muscle and bones below the fat layer. The area of the injury will usually turn white, black, or brown. After suffering third-degree burns, a person should seek care from a healthcare provider immediately.

Time Frame for Filing a Burn Injury Lawsuit

The statute of limitation is crucial in civil tort cases and instructs parties on how long they have to take action after an accident. Under the Revised Code of Washington ยง 4.16.080, an injured party has three years to commence legal action in burn injury lawsuits. A knowledgeable burn injury lawyer in Bothell could review applicable statutes and handle the legal work on a plaintiff’s behalf.

Potential Damage Recovery in Burn Injury Cases

The award amount will depend on the details of the case. Compensation could cover medical costs, missing time from work, and pain and suffering. However, burn injuries are often severe and require ongoing medical care and other expenses, making the payouts significant.

Call a Knowledgeable Burn Injury Attorney in Bothell

Suffering severe burn injuries could leave you with costly medical care expenses, missing time from work, and severe pain. A civil court could hold a person financially accountable when their careless actions cause an accident.

Schedule a meeting with a Bothell burn injury lawyer for more information or to begin your claim for damages. Call soon to start preparing right away and avoid missing the statute of limitations deadline.