Bothell Truck Accident Lawyer

Large trucks are dangerous vehicles that frequently travel on highways and for long periods of time. If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler crash, a personal injury attorney could help you seek compensation for your losses caused by a wreck. Speak to a Bothell truck accident lawyer right away for assistance pursuing your claim for compensation.

Causes and Results of 18-Wheeler Collisions

Most people who sustain severe injuries in crashes like this are occupants of smaller vehicles. A fully loaded 18-wheeler could weigh 40 times more than a passenger car. The weight disparity is not the only factor that makes sharing the road with trucks so dangerous. Large rigs have blind spots on all sides, their braking is slow because of their increased mass, and steering could be sluggish due to heavy cargo. They are also prone to roll-overs because of their tall height.

Injuries in Big Rig Crashes

Any wreck like this could lead to injury, and certain types of rig accidents are likely to cause severe injuries or death. Such wrecks, if not fatal, could result in:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Punctured organs
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Head trauma and traumatic brain injury

Survivors of 18-wheeler collisions could require extensive medical intervention for the rest of their lives. Even if physical recovery is possible, the emotional consequences of a severe wreck could linger for years or a lifetime. A capable attorney in Bothell could help ensure that big rig crash survivors get all the medical support they require to heal from their losses.

Establishing Negligence in Bothell Truck Wrecks

Depending on the circumstances, responsible parties could include the truck operator, the employing company, other involved drivers, vehicle manufacturers, the company that loaded the trailer, the local government where the accident happened, and others.

The Revised Code of Washington §4.22.070 makes each party in a collision responsible for their actions. If a case goes to trial, a jury decides what percentage of a plaintiff’s damages each negligent party is responsible for paying.

Using Evidence to Determine Fault

Police investigating an accident could include an opinion of fault in their report. A police report on the 18-wheeler collision is one piece of evidence that a Bothell attorney could use to determine fault in a case.

Other types of evidence used to determine fault could include photos and videos of the scene, accident reconstruction, expert opinions, and witness testimony.

Why is Legal Representation Essential in a Big Rig Accident Case?

Injured people legally have three years from the date of their crash to file a lawsuit seeking damages. If someone fails to file suit in that amount of time, they will be barred from recovering compensation for their losses. A Bothell attorney could ensure that someone files a claim for their trucking wreck before the deadline expires.

A knowledgeable legal team could also work with an accident reconstruction expert to help show how the incident happened and who was responsible for it. The attorney could then use this information to strengthen the plaintiff’s position and increase the odds of a favorable case outcome.

Contact a Bothell Truck Accident Attorney Today

18-wheeler collision claims are often complicated and have multiple parties vying to place responsibility onto others. A Bothell truck accident lawyer could ensure that your rights and needs are prioritized in legal negotiations. Your deserve fair compensation for your harms and losses caused by a big rig crash. Reach out to our office today to learn more.