Bothell Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Every motorcyclist faces unique dangers compared to other motor vehicles like cars. Even a low-speed collision can have catastrophic consequences because a rider is not protected by their vehicle. There is no cab or seat belts to keep them safe. The negligence of other drivers can do exponentially more damage and your injuries can be incredibly serious.

Work to hold the responsible party liable for your injuries with a Bothell motorcycle accident lawyer. Our experienced personal injury attorneys know how to handle your case and pursue monetary damages for your situation.

Additional Risks for Motorcyclists

There is no question that motorcyclists face more serious risks than other drivers. Even a “fender-bender” for cars could mean devastating injuries for a motorcyclist. High-speed crashes have a much higher rate of fatalities and catastrophic injuries as well.

A motorcycle is less visible and therefore more likely to be struck in an accident. They are also less stable as a result of their two-wheel design. In addition to other drivers, motorcyclists are vulnerable to road conditions and defective parts on their bikes. The unique hazards for motorcyclists can add up quickly and create a dangerous situation. If another person’s wrongdoing is responsible they should be on the hook for the costs, as a motorbike crash attorney in Bothell could further explain.

Allocating Fault in a Motorbike Wreck

To file a successful claim for monetary damages requires proving who caused the wreck. The injured person as well as their Bothell attorney must look into the facts of the motorcycle wreck case to determine who was at fault. The goal is to prove that the other party was negligent. Sometimes, the Washington State Department of Transportation or the local government responsible for the roadway design and/or maintenance can be found liable as well.

A person is negligent when they breach their reasonable duty of care towards others on the road. If this breach results in injuries, the person is negligent and likely liable to the injured person.

Intoxicated Drivers and Motorcycle Collisions

Drunk or drugged drivers are especially likely to hit a motorcyclist. Revised Code of Washington Section 46.61.502 makes it illegal to drive while intoxicated. This law may be useful in proving that the other driver was negligent when they caused the accident. For help with these types of cases, a personal injury attorney is prepared to investigate the case.

Injuries in Bothell Motorbike Collision Cases

Due to the lack of protections, injuries for motorcyclists tend to be very severe. While a helmet and gear can help, there is little else that protects a biker from extreme harm. These harms may include, but are not limited to:

  • Road rash and other severe skin damage
  • Broken bones or fractured limbs
  • Amputations and loss of limb injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Death

These types of injuries are too common in motorcycle crashes. When they occur, a person could be entitled to compensation for them. This compensation could include economic damages like medical costs, future medical care, lost salary, future earning capacity, and property damage. It may also include non-economic damages like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, wrongful death, loss of consortium, and more.

A skilled attorney could further explain the damages someone could file for after a Bothell motorcycle crash.

Speak with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Bothell

Your motorbike wreck may have left you injured, dealing with a tough financial situation, and dealing with major changes in your life. These hardships should be compensated by the negligent party. You should not have to pay these costs all by yourself.

Allow an experienced Bothell motorcycle accident lawyer to take a look at your case and provide you helpful advice. Contact our office today to learn more.