Bothell Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Biking through the area can be a fun and healthy activity, as long as everyone is careful. The sad truth is that others on the road fail to be careful and cause others serious injury. If you endure injuries from a bike crash you may be owed financial compensation to help with the costs, your suffering, and to get your life back together.

To better comprehend your particular case, speak with a Bothell bicycle accident lawyer right away. Meeting with a personal injury attorney for a consultation of your case could reveal the right path towards financial compensation for you and your family.

Special Bicycle Laws and Safeguards in Bothell, Washington

State law requires that other drivers treat bicyclists with respect. This means affording them the right of way when appropriate and keeping a safe distance. The Revised Code of Washington Section 46.61.755 also sets forth the same responsibilities and rights for bicyclists to share the road as other motor vehicles. Too many drivers violate this statute when they disrespect cyclist’s rights.

Certain rules do apply to a bicyclist’s conduct on the roadways. These rules include but are not limited to:

  • The requirement for a white front light and a red rear reflector when riding at night
  • Riding on a bike lane, path, or shoulder when appropriate for their safety
  • Using the roadways
  • Riding a maximum of two abreast in a single lane
  • Parents and guardians of children are responsible if they knowingly allow a child to violate a law or rule

If a bicyclist follows all of these rules, and another driver does not, a personal injury case may be appropriate and financial compensation may be available. Sometimes the Washington State Department of Transportation or the local government responsible for the roadway design and/or maintenance can be found liable as well. Filing a bicycle crash claim may be complicated but assistance from a knowledgeable attorney in Bothell makes the process much easier.

Comparative Fault Arguments in Bike Wrecks

In many cycling crashes, the negligent driver will attempt to shift blame to the bicyclist. They may claim the bicyclist was fully or partially to blame for their own injuries. If this argument arises, the state’s comparative fault law applies to the situation.

If an injured person is determined to be partially at fault by the judge or jury, their total damages award is reduced by the percentage of their fault. For example, a person who is found 15 percent at fault will see a 15 percent reduction in their total damage award.

This is a common defensive tactic that often has no actual merit. Juries often see right through this attempt to shift blame. A seasoned attorney in Bothell is ready to handle this type of argument and fight back against blame-shifting allegations after a bike collision.

Compensation Available in Bicycle Wreck Cases

In a successful bicycle accident case, the injured party may be entitled to monetary damages like:

  • Pain and suffering in daily activities
  • Disfigurement compensation
  • Loss of support and companionship
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Lost income or earning capacity
  • Medical bills
  • Future medical care
  • Property damages

These and other potential awards could help make the injured bicyclist whole again. Talk to a cycling wreck attorney in Bothell now to learn more about what types of monetary damages may be awarded following the incident.

Fight for Compensation with a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Bothell

Your bike collision may have left you grievously injured, and you deserve to fight for compensation. A personal injury attorney knows how to file and pursue these claims to seek a favorable outcome for you. Speak with a Bothell bicycle accident lawyer today to learn more about your unique case. Contact us for a consultation today.