Bothell Sexual Abuse Lawyer

No matter when it occurs, who it affects, or which parties enable it, sexual abuse is an unforgivable offense that can have lifelong repercussions on those subjected to it. Criminal prosecution of someone who sexually mistreats another person can do little to directly help an impacted individual overcome the physical, psychological, and financial forms of harm they have to overcome afterwards.

As a compassionate personal injury attorney could explain, state law allows people subjected to unlawful sex crimes to pursue civil litigation against the perpetrator. This is regardless of how a related criminal case plays out or even whether any criminal charges are pursued at all. A Bothell sexual abuse lawyer could discuss specific filing options and offer guidance about next steps during a confidential consultation.

Recoverable Damages from a Successful Bothell Claim

Financial compensation alone could never completely erase the harm caused by sexual maltreatment, and the purpose of a civil claim is not to attempt to do so. Instead, a successful lawsuit or settlement demand can help maximize a plaintiff’s current and future quality of life by alleviating specific economic and non-economic losses they sustained as a result of the mistreatment they endured.

Some recoverable damages that an attorney in Bothell could potentially help factor into a comprehensive sexual abuse claim include:

  • Past and future expenses for medical treatment necessitated by sexual assault or abuse, including psychological counseling and prescription medications
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional/psychological trauma
  • Lost enjoyment of life

Notably, Washington is one of just four states that does not allow courts to impose punitive damages against a defendant for egregious or malicious misconduct under any circumstances. A well-versed attorney could further help someone understand this rule.

What Time Limits Apply to Sex Abuse Litigation?

For individuals who experience sexual assault or any other form of abuse as an adult, a filing period of three years applies to any civil claim they wish to pursue against the liable parties. This is the same deadline as that which applies to most other types of personal injury claims. Depending on the circumstances, the filing period may begin either when the abuse actually occurred or when the prospective plaintiff first discovered that they suffered compensable harm from the actions of the defendant.

Underage Abuse

Importantly, slightly different filing deadlines apply to claims based on sexual abuse that a plaintiff experienced as a minor child. As per Revised Code of Washington §4.16.340, the three-year filing period does not begin until the plaintiff’s 18th birthday, regardless of when they first began experiencing this abuse.

Additionally, court precedent in Washington holds that a person who does not identify the physical or psychological effects of childhood sexual mistreatment for years or even decades after it occurs may still have grounds to file suit against its perpetrator. A Bothell sexual abuse attorney could provide clarification in a private setting about what filing options a particular person might have.

Call a Bothell Sexual Abuse Attorney to Help Now

Absolutely no one deserves to go through sexual abuse at any age. Any person who has been mistreated in this way has grounds for civil litigation against the individual responsible. Understandably, the prospect of pursuing legal action in a situation like this can be an unnerving one, especially if you have no past experience with civil litigation.

If you want to explore your legal options, you have dedicated and dependable help available to you from a qualified Bothell sexual abuse lawyer. Call our office today to schedule a private meeting.