Bothell Boat Accident Lawyer

Relaxing on a recreational boat is one of the best ways to beat the heat in the summer and bask in the sunshine in the spring and fall. Spending even a few hours on the water can feel like a mini vacation. Unfortunately, not all boat rides go smoothly. Sometimes, serious injuries could occur.

If a waterway accident hurt you or your loved one, you might be able to recover reimbursement from the person responsible for an accident. A diligent Bothell boat accident lawyer could help you pursue monetary compensation for your losses in a personal injury claim.

Different Types of Boating Accidents

Problems at sea could involve all kinds of watercrafts, such as motorboats, sailboats, jet skis, cruise ships, ferries, commercial fishing vessels, and freighters. Injuries on the water could occur in the following manner:

  • Boats crashing into each other
  • One vessel veering into shallow water and grounding itself
  • One boat hitting a fixed object such as a dock or buoy
  • A boat capsizing
  • A vessel flooding
  • A person falling overboard
  • A watercraft hitting a water skier or swimmer
  • A boat malfunction
  • A ship has inadequate safety equipment

Many watercraft accidents occur due to operator negligence. Some boat drivers fail to take their duties as seriously as they should. Inexperienced or inattentive operators often cause crashes.

Some accidents happen because of problems with a boat. Some vessels are defective because of poor designs or manufacturing. Others become unsafe when boat owners fail to maintain and repair them or equip them with adequate safety equipment, such as life preservers and flares. A hardworking attorney could identify who was responsible for causing a vessel crash in Bothell and work tirelessly to ensure responsible parties pay for their carelessness.

Types of Watercraft Crash Injuries

People suffer many different types of injuries in vessel wrecks. Falls on a boat could lead to neck and spinal problems, head trauma, nerve damage, and broken bones. People who fall off a vessel could drown or suffer hypothermia from lengthy exposure to cold water. When a ship strikes a person in the water, a boat’s propellers could cause deep cuts and lacerations, possibly leading to amputations.

A skilled lawyer in Bothell has experience helping survivors of all watercraft incidents recover compensation to cover their losses. A diligent legal representative with compassion and knowledge can help surviving family members of those lost on the water.

Call a Bothell Boat Accident Attorney

Accidents on waterways present unique challenges. These claims often involve shared issues of local, state, federal, and maritime laws. Working with an attorney who understands and has experience with all relevant types of law is critical.

Finding the necessary evidence to build a strong case could be complex. Unlike automobile crashes that often occur on crowded streets with many witnesses, water vehicle wrecks frequently happen far out on the water with no other witnesses. In addition, evidence could disappear in the water. Even the vessel could sink, taking critical evidence with it.

A seasoned Bothell boat accident lawyer knows how to investigate waterway accidents. They could use their resources, knowledge, and experience to help build a case to secure what you and your family deserve. Call today to learn more about your options.