Kent Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Crossing the street should not be a risky endeavor. Similarly, walking across the supermarket parking lot to put your groceries in your car should not be dangerous. Unfortunately, incidents involving cars striking pedestrians are not uncommon. These collisions frequently result in life-altering injuries that can have long-lasting physical, emotional, and financial implications.

If an automobile recently struck you while you were walking, you should contact a Kent pedestrian accident lawyer. A dedicated personal injury attorney could review the details of your crash to see if they could help you obtain the financial help you deserve by filing a legal claim.

Frequent Causes of Cars Hitting Walkers

Every year, negligent or reckless motorists strike walkers. These incidents frequently occur in highly congested areas with heavy foot traffic and many cars, but they can also happen on side streets and highways. A wide variety of situations can contribute to an event like this.

Many pedestrian accidents occur in parking lots, such as people backing out of their parking spots might not take the time to look around them to see if someone is passing by. Also, cars could strike walkers at intersections if motorists fail to see people crossing the road. These crashes can occur if drivers are distracted, speeding, or drunk. They also happen if motorists fail to obey the rules of the road concerning traffic lights, signals, or yielding to the right of way.

Sadly, children are often the victims of pedestrian crashes due to their increased tendency to dart into the street, which is why motorists need to be particularly vigilant in areas such as parks, schools, and playgrounds. Seasoned Kent attorneys understand that people walking have rights and deserve to be safe. They could work tirelessly to hold the people responsible for the incident accountable for their mistakes.

What Happens if a Kent Pedestrian is Partially at Fault?

Although in most situations drivers are supposed to yield to the right of way of pedestrians, walkers might be at least partially to blame for their accidents. Walkers bear some responsibility if they do the following:

  • Jaywalk or cross the road outside of a crosswalk
  • Cross the road in the dark while wearing dark clothing
  • Cross the road in a crosswalk, but against the traffic signal
  • Meander into the street while drunk or on drugs
  • Walk on highways, bridges, or other restricted areas

If a pedestrian’s actions contribute to their incident, they could still recover damages under state law.  The amount of any compensation recovered would be adjusted based on the pedestrian’s share of liability and responsibility for the crash.

In situations involving shared fault, the amount of liability can make a critical difference in the amount of damages recovered. Working with a seasoned attorney in Kent could give a pedestrian the best chance to maximize their recovery after they were hit by a car.

Work with a Kent Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

If a car hits a person, they could suffer life-changing or fatal injuries because they have nothing to shield them from the impact. If you suffered harm or lost a loved one in an incident like this, a knowledgeable Kent pedestrian accident lawyer could help you decide what to do next. They could advise you of your rights and help review your legal options. Arrange a consultation today.