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Using automobiles as transportation is a vital part of daily life. Motor vehicles get you where you need to go, whether it be to work, recreational activities, home, et cetera. A car ride is one of the most dangerous things someone does daily, because negligent drivers could cause incredible harm to them or lead to untimely death.

A personal injury attorney may help hold the other driver accountable for the automobile crash you were in. An experienced Kent car accident lawyer is prepared to protect your interests and wants to get you rightful compensation.

What Could Cause a Car Wreck?

Any number of factors can cause a car collision, but if negligence is the reason of a plaintiff’s injuries, a lawsuit could be the answer. A negligent driver, company, or government entity could cause the wreck. Typical causes of a motor vehicle accident include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Excessive speeding or reckless driving
  • Failure to check blind spots
  • Failure to abide by stop lights or stop signs
  • Defective vehicles or vehicle parts
  • Unsafe conditions on roadways
  • Pedestrian or bicycle negligence

Someone could be grievously harmed in a wreck due to these potential causes, and a Kent attorney experienced in motor vehicle accidents may help win financial compensation for them.

Injuries in Automobile Crashes

After a crash, the harm someone suffers from may be financially, emotionally, and physically devastating to their daily lives. The more significant the harms and losses are, the more likely that substantial compensation is necessary. Injuries following a car accident could include:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Burns and skin damage
  • Loss of limbs, appendages, or organs
  • Whiplash injury to the neck, upper or lower back
  • Traumatic brain injury and concussions
  • Spinal cord injury and paralysis
  • Death

While this list does not encompass the totality of possible injuries, it does reflect the serious harm that someone may suffer as the result of a car crash, which may result in significant compensation. A diligent automobile crash attorney in Kent could help someone determine what harms and losses they could pursue compensation for.

Compensation and Time Limits for Car Crash Cases

Compensation may assist the injured person in putting their life back together after a collision. Interruptions to a person’s work and daily living are very likely after a wreck, as are expensive medical bills. These costs, along with property damage, may be compensable in a properly proven case.

Emotional injuries such as pain and suffering may make up a notable part of potential compensation. This could make daily activities difficult and include loss of consortium, disfigurement, and grief damages. Although these types of damages are difficult to put a monetary value to, receiving compensation for them may help a plaintiff regain a sense of normalcy in their life.

Time Limits for Damages

In order to potentially win damages, the case must be filed within the correct amount of time. Revised Code of Washington § 4.16.080 requires most motor vehicle collision cases to be filed within three years of the date they occurred.

Some situations may result in a shorter time period, which is why it is crucial to speak with a knowledgeable Kent car wreck attorney right away after an accident.

Consult a Kent Car Accident Attorney Today

Motor vehicle crashes can result in serious injuries, so you may need a determined collision attorney who could analyze your unique case and circumstances. A successful claim could help you recover quickly and hold the negligent party responsible for your injuries.

An experienced Kent car accident lawyer is here to help. Contact us today for a consultation.