If someone’s negligence causes you harm, the wounds you suffer could be severe. Your damages may be recoverable through a lawsuit. Financial compensation could help with lost income, medical bills, and other expenses. You may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured as well.

Enlist an attorney dedicated to your recovery now. A proactive Kent personal injury lawyer could prepare your case and fight for the most compensation possible.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

A wide-ranging set of factors could initiate a personal case like this. Someone’s specific situation may require a special type of lawsuit within this category. An adaptable personal injury lawyer in the area does not attempt a “one size fits all” plan to individual cases because every case requires a uniquely presented strategy to best fit the circumstances.

Cases like this could consist of, but are not limited to:

These types of cases fall under the umbrella term “personal injury,” but each one has special rules that apply to it. Because these more specific types of injury cases could have differing requirements, it is wise to seek the aid of an experienced Kent attorney as soon as possible.

Filing an Injury Claim

Monetary damages are usually the main goal of a case like this. These financial awards may help a hurt person get their lives back together and help compensate for the suffering they have endured.

Before a plaintiff can receive compensation for their damages, it is important that they are able to provide tangible evidence against the at-fault party. They also must make sure they do not miss any deadlines for filing.


Every successful injury claim requires the proper evidence of the defendant’s wrongdoing and how it led to the claimant’s harms and losses. Most personal claims like this are based in a theory of negligence. This means that a defendant breached a duty of care and that is what caused harm to the claimant. A claim will not be successful if proof of negligence is absent.

A diligent Kent attorney may assist with this process of a personal injury claim by interviewing witnesses, analyzing police reports, researching relevant case law, et cetera. They must also effectively navigate through legal requirements that surround the presentation of evidence.


Compensation may be for medical bills, lost income, lost earning capacity, property damage, emotional trauma and distress including pain and suffering in daily activities, and funeral costs. These damages could provide an outlet to the difficulties created by the harms and losses suffered by the claimant and hold the responsible party liable. A well-versed attorney could help estimate the total amount of these costs.

Statute of Limitations

In order to be successful in a personal accident lawsuit, it must be filed within the correct time limit. Revised Code of Washington § 4.16.080 requires that most types of lawsuits like this be filed within three years of the date of the accident. If the claimant does not file by this time limit, the case will be permanently barred and the claimant will not be able to pursue a claim.

Enlist the Help of a Kent Personal Injury Attorney Today

An injury attorney may be what you need to get compensation for your wounds. Negligence by a defendant should not go left unpunished, and a skilled legal professional may help present a case for you.

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