Kent Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cycling is a popular activity throughout the country. People use their bikes on streets and area paths for exercise and fun. They also use them to commute to work or school.

However, cyclists are vulnerable to collisions if they leave dedicated paths and share the roads with cars. Drivers of cars, buses, and trucks frequently overlook bikes, which can lead to accidents.

If a crash has left you seriously hurt, you should meet with a Kent bicycle accident lawyer. Dedicated personal injury attorneys have the legal knowledge and the practical experience to help you recover what you need in a claim.

Common Causes of Bike Crashes in Kent

Many bike wrecks occur because motor vehicle drivers do not see the bicyclist in time to prevent a collision. Because bicycles have smaller frames, it is harder for car drivers to see them. However, that should not be an excuse for negligent or reckless driving. Car drivers should always look out for other people around them, including bicyclists. This is particularly relevant in areas with a high frequency of bike riders, such as near recreational areas, parks, playgrounds, or schools.

Motorists frequently cause wrecks with cyclists due to inattention to their driving duties. Commonly, collisions occur if a motorist speeds, drives distractedly, fails to yield, ignores traffic signals, or drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Accidents can also happen if drivers are unfamiliar with their surroundings and are confused about who has the right of way. Bad weather leading to poor visibility can also contribute to crashes.

How an Attorney Could Determine the Cause of a Collision

An experienced Kent attorney would skillfully investigate the bicycle crash and examine all possible causes. They could meet with bystanders, review the police reports, and examine traffic scene photographs and security video footage. If relevant, they could also follow the correct procedural protocols to obtain the at-fault driver’s cellphone records to see if they were texting  or using their cell phone while driving.

Types of Cycling Wrecks

People sustain injuries if a car strikes a bike or interferes with a bicyclist’s progress, forcing a cyclist to fall. The most commonly seen types of crashes are as follows:

  • Left-hand turns at intersections, if a car driver turns left into the path of an approaching cyclist
  • Rear-end collisions, if an impatient motorist follows a bicycle too closely and strikes them from behind
  • Sideswiping, if a motorist tries to serve around them or illegally pass them
  • Dooring, if drivers or passengers of a parked car open their door into the path of a cyclist

All of these types of bicycle accidents can leave cyclists with lingering or even permanent injuries. In some cases, a cyclists may die from their injuries. A successful outcome of a legal claim could dramatically improve a plaintiff’s chances of recovery in Kent, which is why it is essential to work with the right bike wreck lawyer.

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If somebody’s driving mistake hurt you, you deserve fair compensation. However, recovering an adequate settlement can be complicated. Insurance companies might try to minimize your losses and pay as little as they can.

You need to work with an attorney who has successful experience with bike crash claims. A Kent bicycle accident lawyer is dedicated to helping injured cyclists fight against negligent and irresponsible drivers. Contact our office today to learn more about your options.