Kent Child Injury Lawyer

Children are fearless and daring, partly due to their still-maturing brains that do not signal danger as readily as adult brains do. As a parent, you worry when they are out of your sight. Your job is to teach them and let them grow.

When an unthinkable accident happens at the hands of a negligent adult, our personal injury attorneys can help. Whether the culprit is a careless daycare worker or teacher, medical professional, property owner, or manufacturer of a dangerous product, a Kent child injury lawyer can hold them accountable as your family’s advocate.

Negligence Causes Child Injuries

Adults are responsible for not exposing children to harm or acting in any way below a reasonable and acceptable standard. A Family may be entitled to a monetary award when an adult’s actions are reckless, causing injuries to a child. The award could help pay accrued medical bills and other expenses associated with the injuries, including emotional and psychological suffering. Some child injuries caused by negligent adults include:

  • A kindergarten teacher neglects to perform a head count at recess, leaving a child on the playground to tumble off the jungle gym and break an arm
  • A physician does not perform a Caesarian Section in time, causing the baby to be starved of oxygen and suffer brain damage
  • A toy manufacturer’s new doll is a choking hazard because of a design flaw
  • A car junkyard owner knows children sneak in to play in the cars after school, but does not secure the property until after a child is crushed and dies

While many child injuries occur through the direct acts of adults, such as drunk drivers, careless babysitters, and hurried physicians, some accidents occur without direct contact between the adult and the child. A child injury lawyer in Kent will gather appropriate evidence, including law enforcement and medical reports and witness testimony, to build a negligence case against the adult who harmed a child.

Attractive Nuisances

Property owners do not owe adult trespassers any duty to keep their property safe, but under the attractive nuisance doctrine in premises liability law, they do owe children that duty. When children are lured onto a property because they are attracted to and hurt by an unsafe object, the property owner must compensate the child.

Unsafe objects include backyard pools or trampolines, ponds, tree forts, and unattended vehicles with keys in the ignition. Because minors cannot bring lawsuits, a parent can take their place with the help of a child injury attorney in Kent.

Defective Products

Manufacturers are expected to release safe products to consumers. Products that could be dangerous can still be marketed if the value outweighs the danger, and warning labels alert consumers.

A child injury lawyer in Kent could hold manufacturers and others in the stream of commerce accountable after their products cause harm. In the past, these products have included car seats, cribs, toys with parts children can choke on, flammable clothing, and baby swings.

A Kent Injury Attorney Protects Harmed Children

You strive to keep your children as safe as possible and get them the care they need when they are injured in accidents. However, the responsibility to pay for that care can shift to the person whose negligence caused your child’s injuries. Adults can hurt children in many ways, either directly by interacting with them or passively by selling a flawed product or leaving an attractive nuisance on their property.

When your child is injured because someone else acted recklessly, call us to discuss your claim. A Kent child injury lawyer could protect harmed children by securing fair compensation so their parents do not have to worry about finding the money to care for them.