Lynwood Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cyclists hold a unique position on state roadways for their ability to occupy a wide range of places, including busy streets with large motor vehicles as well as on sidewalks with pedestrians. This flexibility also presents many challenges that can lead to dangerous accidents, causing injury, as cyclists have less physical protection compared to other drivers on the road.

When collisions occur, you may want the help of a Lynwood bicycle accident lawyer to explore available legal claims for compensation on your behalf. We can address important information for those injured during a bicycle crash, along with potential next steps for your personal injury case.

Potential Causes of a Bicycle Wreck

Bicycle collisions can happen under many different circumstances. They could involve collisions with motor vehicles, pedestrians, or other cyclists. It is also possible for bicycle accidents to not directly involve collisions with another, which could be called a no-contact or phantom crash. Regardless of the type of bicycle accident experienced, its cause could result from any of the following activities or circumstances:

  • Vehicles occupying or turning into designated bicycle lanes.
  • Speeding
  • Disobeying traffic lights and signals
  • Disregarding dangerous weather conditions
  • Potholes, faded traffic lanes, missing signs, and other dangerous road conditions
  • Drunk, intoxicated, or under-the-influence drivers
  • Distracted driving from cell phones, eating, and other unsafe behaviors.

No matter the cause or number of vehicles involved in a bike accident, injured cyclists will want to retain a Lynwood lawyer to evaluate the potential for compensation from at-fault parties for their damages.

Who Could Be Responsible for a Bicycle Crash?

Liability for a bicycle wreck generally falls to those who were responsible for its cause. Determining fault and the corresponding liability can be difficult, especially in collisions that involve more than two parties and have several contributing circumstances.

Generally, the fault will belong to those who did not exercise the proper standard of care and acted unreasonably or negligently. A Lynwood bicycle accident attorney could help prove fault by highlighting the traffic violations of other drivers during the accident or other misconduct. For example, driving too fast when the roads are wet or there is low visibility due to fog.

Another potentially liable party to a bicycle accident could be the people in charge of road design and maintenance when unsafe street conditions are a cause. Typically, this would be the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) or the local government. A business or private party could also have liability in the case of pseudo-public roadways, such as a commercial parking lot. An attorney in Lynwood could help a person determine who is to blame for a bike collision.

How State Law Could Affect a Bicycle Collision Claim

A Lynwood lawyer could also assist with navigating the other key aspect of state law that could affect the outcome of a bicycle accident case. The state’s comparative fault rule under RCW 4.22.005 applies when the person injured in the bicycle crash also has some responsibility for causing it. The court will reduce the amount of available compensation in proportion to their percentage of fault. This means an injured person could still obtain financial compensation as long as another party shared fault for the accident.

Meet with a Lynwood Bicycle Accident Attorney for More Details

Washington applies a three-year statute of limitations to injury cases involving bicycle accidents. This means you only have three years from the date of the accident to file a legal claim in court and bars otherwise valid claims that you file late. Those recently injured should take the first step in discovering potential rights to compensation by meeting with a Lynwood bicycle accident lawyer today. Schedule a consultation today.