Lynnwood Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Everyone knows that injuries happen from time to time, but no one expects, or deserves, to sustain a catastrophic injury that changes their life permanently. Unfortunately, these do happen. In addition to the physical, emotional, and psychological damage, catastrophic injuries also come with financial difficulties.

Although it may not make your life the same as it was before the injury, receiving fair compensation for a traumatic injury can go a long way towards relieving stress and helping you cope. A Lynnwood catastrophic injury lawyer could help you recover such compensation. Call one of our seasoned personal injury attorneys today for help with your case.

What are Catastrophic Injuries?

A catastrophic injury could be any number of things, depending on the context, but it consists of a severe injury that either leads to disfiguration or has permanent or long-term effects on the body’s ability to function. Catastrophic injuries usually require numerous medical procedures, extensive rehabilitation, and on-going medical treatment well after the accident occurs. Catastrophic injuries could include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Amputations
  • Severe burns
  • Organ damage

Catastrophic injuries can also occur in a wide variety of situations, such as:

The complexity of treatments required and the number of parties involved means lawsuits stemming from these injuries can be complicated. A Lynnwood attorney that specializes in handling catastrophic injuries could help manage those difficulties and ensure the recovery is maximized.

Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

The amount of compensation, or damages, an injured person can receive is highly dependent on the extent of their injuries. State law provides for several different categories of damages an injured person can receive compensation if they can prove they are applicable. A Lynnwood attorney who has experience representing victims of catastrophic injuries could help an injured person understand the range and types of damages that may be available in their specific case.

Types of Damages

The primary category of damages is compensatory damages —damages meant to compensate the injured person for specific things they have lost or experienced due to the injury.

Economic damages, a sub-category of compensatory damages, are costs that the injured person sustained that are objective and measurable. Economic damages could include costs of future care and rehabilitation, medical expenses, and lost wages.

Non-economic damages, another sub-category of compensatory damages, are more subjective and are based on the experience of the accident. They are intended to help compensate the injured person for the emotional and psychological damage from the catastrophic injury. Non-economic damages could include loss of enjoyment of life or pain and suffering in performing daily activities.

Punitive damages, as opposed to compensatory damages, are intended to punish the person responsible for the accident rather than put the injured person back in their initial position. Although many states allow punitive damages, Washington generally does not in injury lawsuits. Punitive damages may, however, be available, albeit rarely, in wrongful death cases.

Call a Lynwood Attorney With Experience in Catastrophic Injuries Today

When you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, you deserve to focus your time and attention on healing and adjusting to the new normal in your life. You should not have to spend valuable time and energy worrying about medical expenses or other financial matters.

A Lynnwood catastrophic injury lawyer could help take those matters off your plate. Reach out to one of our dedicated attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation to learn more.