Kent Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

When someone is responsible for an accident that leaves you with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you could be affected in many, life-altering ways. Your ability to concentrate, remember past events, speak, read, and walk steadily are actions controlled by your brain, forcing you into a lifetime of rehabilitation and relearning.

While you work hard to regain physical and mental control over your body, you should not have to worry about how to pay your bills or when you can return to work. The person who caused your injuries owes you something. Contact a Kent traumatic brain injury lawyer to discuss your options for recovering a monetary settlement. A catastrophic injury attorney could handle the legal work while you focus on healing.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Based on Negligence

Head injuries brought on by someone else’s negligence are actionable as injury lawsuits. A plaintiff must show the offending person acted below the standards of a reasonable person and caused an accident that injured the plaintiff. Some common TBI scenarios based on negligence include:

  • An intoxicated driver crashes into the plaintiff lawfully riding a bicycle, and the bicyclist lands head-first on the sidewalk
  • An explosion at a construction site where workers were not trained to handle dynamite
  • An illegal act, such as a blow to the head with a hammer
  • Domestic violence
  • A drunk boater recklessly plows into a kayaker

Because of the severity and long recovery time of a traumatic brain injury, a lawyer in Kent will calculate how much compensation a person will need to pay current and future medical bills and reimbursement for the functionality another has taken.

Economic and Non-Economic Damages for Brain Damage

Juries award compensatory damages split into economic and non-economic categories. Economic damages represent the money the person has lost or will lose because of the TBI, including medical care and estimated future medical care. An injured person should also receive replacement wages and estimated future lost wages, as well as reimbursement for property damage.

Non-economic damages represent payment for losses that do not carry finite price tags, such as how much the person suffers emotionally and the loss of normal mental agility. Disfigurement, loss of normal relationships with a spouse and children, and recurring physical pain are also non-economic damages.

The state does not cap economic or non-economic damages. Whatever a traumatic brain injury attorney in Kent argues for, and the jury determines, is what an injured person will receive.

Statute of Limitations on Brain Injury Cases

All states limit the amount of time an injured person can take to file a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for personal and financial losses. A defendant will ask the court to dismiss lawsuits filed after the deadline, and the court will comply. Washington Revised Code § 4.16.080(2) permits a person to file an injury lawsuit up to three years from the date of the incident. This filing deadline is known as the Statute of Limitations. A lawyer in Kent could file a brain damage suit before this time limit expires.

A Kent Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Fights for Compensation

Traumatic brain injuries are among the most catastrophic harm anyone can suffer. Medical care may be necessary for a lifetime and encompasses physical, cognitive, and emotional issues. Many patients need daily help with simple tasks such as bathing and housekeeping. It seems unfair to be in this situation, especially when someone else’s negligent behavior puts you there.

The law recognizes that people should compensate others they harm. Although a TBI may be life-changing, receiving payments for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma helps immensely. A Kent traumatic brain injury lawyer can be part of that help by fighting for what you deserve. Contact our firm to discuss your case.