Injured Individual Scholarship Winners

Libbey Law Offices, LLC sees the impact of injuries on a daily basis. While some injuries are evident, others persist far beyond the victim alone. For this reason, we created the Injured Individual Scholarship so students can explain the effects of a far-reaching injury.

We’re excited to announce Julia S. as our 2023 scholarship recipient! Julia wrote an exceptional essay about her recovery from a serious car accident and the various effects it has had on her life. We are wishing Julia the best in her recovery and hope this award can provide financial support after the accident.

To learn more about Julia and our 2022 winner, read below!

2023 Winner: Julia S.

Scholarship Winner Julia S.Biography: All my life I have lived in Virginia, near the Richmond area. As I go into the next chapter of my life, I hope to pursue a career field in Communications or Teaching (maybe both!). Outside of my future educational goals, I have a true passion for working with kids- coaching, tutoring or babysitting! Since I have been swimming since I was 3 years old and I enjoy spreading my love for the sport by teaching younger kids how to swim. In August of 2022, I survived a major motor vehicle accident where I was directly hit by a fully loaded logging truck. To this day I still battle a Traumatic Brain Injury that I will still have for years to come. Swimming has been my respite through this. Even though I have suffered and been through this, I have been known for my positivity and love to spread and share my light with everyone around me – no matter the circumstance. If I am not studying for school or swimming, I love to travel and spend time with my mom, dad and 2 sisters!

Reaction Statement: When I opened up my email app on my phone, I saw an email and the subject was “Congratulations!” I immediately clicked on it…and after reading I was beyond ecstatic that I was chosen. I had almost forgotten that I had applied because I have applied to multiple scholarships and never heard back. But, after suffering multiple injuries in a severe MVA I haven’t always felt seen or heard. To receive this scholarship makes me feel beyond happy that my story is leaving an impact and that you can understand me. I am beyond grateful to receive this money and use it towards my future education as I recover from this accident.

2022 Winner: Mary V.

Biography: I’ve grown up and lived in the greater Washington, D.C area all my life, where I was fortunate to receive my Bachelor of Health Science degree. I am currently enrolled in the accelerated second-degree nursing program at Fairfield University, CT and looking forward to starting my nursing career in a new state! Healthcare has always been something I’m passionate about. I am a living kidney donor to my big sister and the two of us have since gone on to live our best lives, including having the opportunity to ski the mountains of Japan. Outside of my education goals, I enjoy making my friends and family laugh, cracking witty jokes and hope to develop a hobby of my own podcast or standup comedy someday.

Reaction statement: I was truly ecstatic to receive the call from Libbey Law Offices, LLC. To be honest, my phone gets flooded with spam calls so upon picking up the call I was a bit hesitant! The congratulations call was very pleasant, and it touched me to hear how impactful David’s story was for you all. I was having a happy tearful moment. This is my first ever scholarship win, and it will hold a very special place in my heart. To be recognized and have my story heard means just as much as the award itself. This accomplishment is a telltale sign that if I can put myself out there and be awarded a scholarship, I can handle my rigorous nursing program.