Front-End Car Accidents in Anchorage

Front-end car accidents in Anchorage usually occur when one vehicle veers across the centerline of a roadway to the lane of oncoming traffic. Head-on wrecks often result in serious injuries, and even death, due to the forceful impact between the two vehicles.

While people involved in any auto crash are entitled to some level of compensation, front-end collisions involve technicalities that might require the advice and assistance of an attorney. A diligent vehicle wreck attorney could make sure your claim for compensation is solid and ensure you get the financial recovery you deserve.

Causes of Head-On Vehicle Crashes

Various factors may cause one car to cross the centerline and collide head-on with another vehicle. Some common causes of front-end accidents in Anchorage include driver negligence, third party actions, and unintentional acts.

Negligence of the Driver

Drivers may be considered negligent if they veer off their lane due to any of the following actions:

Negligence that causes head-on crashes is mostly caused by distractions such as the ones listed above.

Negligence of Third Parties

Third parties may include the government and construction workers. The government is required to maintain roads and install road signs to direct road users. However, the government may fail to repair potholes or remove barriers such as boulders on the road. Drivers may cross the centerline when avoiding large potholes or boulders.

On the other hand, construction workers may contribute to front-end car collisions if they do not notify drivers of construction activities on the road.

Unintentional Acts

A driver may cross the centerline due to unexpected acts or events. This could include another car veering off its lane or a child jumping onto the road. Regardless of the cause of the accident, if a driver crosses the centerline and hits another automobile head-on, the injured party is entitled to compensation for injuries or damage to their car.

Filing for Compensation after an Anchorage Front-End Collision

Front-end car wrecks in Anchorage may result in serious injuries. A plaintiff is required to file a compensation claim within two years after the crash. An injured plaintiff should seek treatment to avoid further complications from the crash. At the earliest possible time, the plaintiff can seek the services of a front-end auto accident attorney to help them pursue compensation.

If successful, the plaintiff could receive compensation for lost wages, damage to the car, and pain and suffering caused by the incident.

Comparative Fault

The state of Alaska applies the pure comparative fault principle, meaning a plaintiff is entitled to compensation even if they are partly to blame for the accident.

For instance, the plaintiff may have failed to act reasonably to avoid the crash. In such a case, the jury determines the level of fault and may award compensation depending on the fault of each party. For example, if the plaintiff was responsible for ten percent of the collision, the jury could award 90 percent compensation.

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If you are pursuing damages for front-end car accidents in Anchorage, we could help you with the collection of evidence, documentation, and filing a compensation claim. While injuries sustained from a head-on collision may be serious, you are required by law to file a claim within two years of the date of the crash or the claim will be permanently barred under Alaska law. Contact our office today to start the claim process before it is too late.