North Creek Personal Injury Lawyer

In the event that you suffer serious harm in an accident, you should not have to fall into debt because of someone else’s negligence. An investigation of your case may reveal the party at fault. The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is to seek out financial compensation from this responsible party.

The help of qualified legal counsel is invaluable in your pursuit of monetary damages. Let an experienced North Creek personal injury lawyer fight for your rights and seek the damages to which you are entitled.

The Goal of a Personal Injury Claim

The chief goal of a personal injury claim is to win the injured person monetary damages. This financial compensation is intended to help the person recover for not only the economic costs they have suffered, but non-economic costs for all they have endured as well. The amount of reimbursement awarded will depend on many factors like:

  • The extent of the claimant’s injuries
  • The temporary or permanent nature of the injuries
  • The property damage caused by the accident
  • The amount of pain and suffering incurred that affects their daily activities

These and other key factors can have a significant effect on the types of damages available in a lawsuit, and how much they might be worth.

Types of Compensation in North Creek Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are many categories of monetary damages that may be available when filing suit against the negligent party. These usually include:

Property Damages

If a person’s property is damaged through an accident, they could be entitled to recompense for that loss. For example, compensation could be used to repair a car or motorcycle, or potentially any electronics or valuables that were damaged as a result.

Medical Costs and Rehabilitation

Both past and future medical costs might be available after a successful personal injury claim. The cost of medical treatment is often high but this burden should not fall on the injured person. Both treatment and rehabilitation services may be paid for by the defendant or their insurance company.

Lost Earning Capacity or Income

Most people work for a living but injuries can disrupt that ability to work. These disruptions can cause major financial hardship for the injured person and their whole family.

Pain and Suffering

Considered a non-economic damage, pain and suffering often constitutes a substantial portion of a personal injury award in North Creek. If a person cannot perform daily activities without feeling pain or intense discomfort, that hardship could be compensated for. Loss of enjoyment of life is another category of pain and suffering that could result in compensation.

Wrongful Death Damages

A wrongful death case may result in unique damages for a person’s untimely death. A wrongful death claim is a type of personal injury lawsuit, but it is the surviving family members that bring the lawsuit, rather than the person who suffered the injury. The family may win compensation for loss of the deceased family members earning capacity or pain and suffering resulting from the death, funeral costs, loss of consortium, grief, and much more as a result of their loss.

Loss of Consortium

A loss of consortium lawsuit seeks compensation for the lost companionship and support of a loved one. The injuries likely rob a spouse or family member of the help that the injured person usually provides in their life. This may be compensable for loved ones of the injured party.

Seek Compensation with a North Creek Personal Injury Attorney

You may be owed financial compensation by the negligent party who caused an accident that left you with debilitating injuries and/or property damage. An especially destructive accident could significantly alter your family life, your job, and your mental well-being. You should not fall into debt due to the losses you suffered.

Allow a North Creek personal injury lawyer to examine your case and provide you with personalized advice. Contact us today for more information.